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.Hi , my name is Cherie Zack. I am a wife and mother, but most importantly, I am the daughter of the Most High King. I didn't always know this. Because of the things in my childhood I thought I was ugly and a waist of everyone's time. I didn't think I could accomplish anything and was bad at all things. But God felt differently. He saw me as his child. His daughter! The beautiful girl he created from his heart, for his purpose and his blessings. I just needed to see this for myself. But at the age of 31 I was still struggling in my pain, un-forgiveness and bitterness towards God, my family and the world.

A missionary from Kenya, Africa came to our church the summer of 99. He told us about the miracles God had been doing in his church and for his community. He took us to Matthew and talked about salt and the importance of it. He shared that if we were to loose our saltiness we would be "no good" for God or anyone else. He was born in Africa and even though his terms were different from ours I knew just what he was saying. I saw myself as "no good" for God. However, the word "Salt" stayed in my spirit. I began to feel anticipation in my heart. I knew God was doing something just not sure what. Then it came.

A friend had encouraged me to buy the work book "Experiencing God". A few weeks latter God brought healing into my heart. My healing was so real that I began to share with my friends what God had done in me. After a few years had past I began to see why God kept the word Salt before my heart for so long. He was calling me to share my testimony with others for his purpose. God began speaking to me about starting a ministry for women. He said to name it "salt". In August of 2005 SALT Ministry was born. :o)


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