Way to busy for me!

It's been a while since I have posted anything. My life has become so busy. My husband is getting ready to retire from the Navy. Our son is having a baby, well his girlfriend but you know what I mean. I am still walking and believeing for Sam's complete healing! Our other twin, Troy, is in Europe for 12 days. Poor kid is more worried about getting us something than he is about just relaxing and enjoying what God has created in places he has never set eyes on before.

Work wise, my days are as crazy as any one persons day can be. I'm up at 5:00am most mornings spending some time with God.. I so need this to start my day. Bill leaves at 5:30 and I get to enjoy the house quiet until 6:00am when the first of 6 little ones invade my day. At 6:15 I have to get Sam and James (our youngest) up for school. Sam has to have a bath ( she is in diapers still) and her hair done of course.. In between getting her ready I have to call James at least 4 times to get up. Sam's bus comes at 6:35 and James at 6:41. Then the house is quiet again for the most part. My first to little ones are watching Curious George. I have a few minuets to make a cup of tea and pray.. At 7:15 my next little one comes in. Then at 7:30 another one.. Whew that makes 4. by 8:00 my last two and my helper Mary come in and my day is off and running. In between the kids, breakfast, lunch (I take care of all food that is consumed and the cleaning up after them) I'm upstairs working tring to put as much time into my second job, my position as the AG District Women's Ministry Director, Praying Wives Club, and SALT (of course), as I can. Lots of phone calls and planning going on plus counseling.. God has given me a hand full of ladies to council each day. I love counciling women. I think it's one of favorite times of the day.

By 4:00 I'm back down stairs and spending time with our little one (the are a highlight of my day) and helping Mary get them ready for their parents. by 5:00 starting dinner. By 6:00 everyone is gone and Bill and our kids are home! Dinner, baths, a family game of monopoly or what every the kids choose and it's now 8:00. Sam has to be in bed by 8:00pm to cut down the seizures and then the house has to be as quiet as possible to keep her asleep so she does not wake up which causes the seizures. It's a pain but we do this because we love Sam and don't want to the cause of another seizure, though sometimes it doesn't matter how much we do she still has them. Arghh!!

Dishes have to be done now.. seems they refuse to do themselves, and the house has to be cleaned again. I clean my home at least 4 times a day. I have to with so many people here each day.

By the time I have completed everything it's 9:30 and I am dog tired and in need of my bed (you know what I mean). I realize that blogging is therapeutic for me. It allows me to get my thoughts out. Not that any one else would want to read them but it helps me make sense of my crazy life. I think I need to take a long look at my days and see how I can better organize my self so I can have some me time.. more time to read (I love reading but don't have near enough time anymore to do this), more time to spend with God ( I do a good job with spending time with Bill, Sam, the twins and James but feel I need to work on this one).

I wonder if other wives find them selves in the same place I have. My routine so routine that I am getting frustrated with my every day life! For now, I think I will take a walk with my husband and just breath.



LisaShaw said...

I'm sure you enjoyed the walk with your husband the fresh air. I pray that all is well with you. I certainly understand about feeling the overload. That's when I pull back, breathe and linger in God's presence.

Hugs and blessings!

Cherie said...

Mrs. Lisa, can I just saw how much I love you!! You always inspire and encourage me!

Thank you for always taking a moment of your precious day to share with me.

Love you sweet lady,


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