What my friend Rob learned while leading worship in Lake City FL. this past weekend!

My Friend Rob is a gifted and talented Worship leader back home in Pensacola Fl. We have been friends since our middle school years. He is not only a Worship leader but also a talented writer and so many other things. One area I would like to share is he just completed the design of "Sonicflood" new website. Check it out!

While in Lake City, Fl this weekend leading worship he learned 11 things. They are really good thoughts with my favorite being #6! Deep..... for me anyway.

Enjoy!! :o)

1. When money and glory are taken away, what you have left...is exactly what God wants.
2. A piano and a Baptist Hymnal are all you need to fill a nursing home with smiles.
3. If you do all the talking at a nursing home, you will miss hearing God talk through these wise men and women.
4. Worship Leaders should do more following and less leading.
5. Never underestimate what a handful of people can do, who just want to make a difference.
6. God has all the money in the world, but He doesn't need it to accomplish His will.
7. There are 2 guys out there that quit their jobs, to travel around and help worship leaders they don't even know with their musical abilities--just because God told them to.
8. You would be surprised how much of an impact you can have on someone by simply "not being a jerk" as a musician. You may even make a life-long friend.
9. Sometimes the floor is a much better option than a camp mattress.
10. The sweetest people ride Harley's, wear leather and bandannas and have tattoos.
11. Tea-cup Chihuahua's shake nervously when birds fly over. :)

Maybe these eleven things will change your world, or maybe they won't...But they sure changed mine!

Robert Weston

Seems I have learned a few things just by reading Robs list!

Have a Happy Monday! :o)



LisaShaw said...

Cherie, thanks for your warm comment on my message about my Grandfather. Thanks for visiting.

Thanks also for sharing here. I enjoyed my visit. I look forward to returning.

Love and hugs in Jesus Name.

Wylie said...

I LOVE this list! Awesome! Joy to you..

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