Praying Gods Word, A Challenge to you !!

I was challenged through a book I'm reading titled "Praying the Bible, The Pathway to Spirituality", to begin to read God's Word out loud as my first prayer each day. I loved the challenge because I love a good challenge and the Word would be gravy. Plus, I needed to hear from God. The challenge this book is talking about is praying Psalms out loud to God!

I took the challenge and began on my journey at one of the hardest times in my life thus far. I started praying out loud five Psalms each morning. As I prayed God's Word to Him I began to learn something about David and the Psalms that I didn't necessarily see before. But for times sake I will offer just a few.

1. David truly loved Yahweh with all of his heart.
2. Even when David made mistakes he brought them to God fully expecting God to forgive and renew him.
3. David accepted the punishment for his sins with a righteous heart because he not only loved God he trusted Him as well!!
4. These are some of the reasons the Bible calls David "a man after God's own heart"!
5. If I want to run after God as David did then I need to allow God to work in me and trust Him just as David did.
6. To bring my complaints to God first instead of my friends and family. ( I didn't realize how much I said to others and left God out of it completely when they could only listen and God could to do so much more.

Within days, I began to see God answer my prayers. His answers didn't always come the was I wanted them to or expected them to. Some times they even caught me off guard. But in every way they came I received answers. Answers that changed me, my heart and the way I thought about my prayers, God, and how He works! God touched me every day!!

A sweet factor in this for me above all that I have stated already has been this: each time I honored God with the time I set aside for us God would honor me with a blessing/blessings. They came in all sizes. One day I received an email from a very good friend of whom I haven't talked to in years because he plays for a famous Southern Gospel group and constantly travels. Another day my husband brought home one of my favorite treats that I didn't even ask for just because the thought crossed his mind (thank you Holy Spirit). In fact, I received so many more blessings that God reminded me of the the old Hymn "Count your blessings" from the scripture:

"Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus (1 Th. 5:16-18)..

It didn't take but a couple of weeks to realize that God was showering me with blessings.. Blessings that were designed just for me.

Reading Gods Word out loud allows us to fulfill scripture within our selves as well.

But he said, Yes rather, blessed are they that Hear the word of God, and keep it. Luke 11:28

When I read God's Word, I have always read it to myself not realizing that hearing it in my head and hearing it out loud were two different concepts. I now read as much out loud as I possible can so I can be a Hearer of the Word! I also noticed the scripture that I'm reading attaches to my heart and mind better and I don't loose myself in thought as I tend to do when I read to my self.

Now for the challenge. I have started praying Psalms 5 chapters at a time over again today. Would you like to join me and see what you learn about you and God? I would love to hear from you. Please reply and let me know how things are going in your day to day prayer time with God and Psalms?

Another tool I love is "Praying God's Word" by Beth Moore. She has studied the Word and put together scriptures to pray over different areas of your life. I have found praying the scripture to be a POWERFUL tool in my prayer time and when I go to battle for myself, family, loves ones and friends!

Two Quick note:

1.God honors His Word and fulfills His promises so we need to be mindful to fulfill ours to Him. As you set time aside for God, your creating a covenant with Him and God honors our covenants by meeting us at our appointed time. So with this in mind remember, each day that you have set aside time with God, weather you show up or not God is there waiting for you.

2. This is the oldest model of prayer expanding over two thousand years. The length proves it works. As you do this, you too will experience a marked improvement in your own prayer life!

Remember, His scripture was written for us! Let's take hold of all He has for us in in His written Word!!

Many Blessings to you today,



LisaShaw said...


I enjoyed reading your thoughts especially since I wholeheartedly agree :).

My Grandparents (when they had me in their care) raised me up to pray aloud and read the Word aloud. There is significant power in doing both.

Yes, there are times I do both silently but often and daily I enjoy praying HIS word aloud and speaking/declaring it over my loved ones, myself and others.

Blessings and thank you for sharing. Enjoy your time with the LORD.

SALT Ministry said...

Thank you Lisa for sharing! It's so encouraging to hear that you have the same love for praying the Word as I do! I look forward to hearing from you more!

Be Blessed dear friend!

Cherie :o)

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