Celebrating 16 years of marriage and a life time of lessons!

Bill and I are celebrating 16 years of marriage this month. These days, sixteen years is a feat! We both have learned a lot of things about our selves and each other. Here are a few of things I have learned over the years from Bill and God!

1. Marriage doesn't mean I lead the way when I think he is wrong and I am right. It means I give way to his thoughts instead of mine, weather he is wrong or right.
2. The toilet doesn't clean it self no matter how much I want it too!
3. Men will be boys at a moments notice!
4. Love can be unpredictable at times along with my emotions.
5. People say crazy things when they think no one else is listening..
6. Bill can actually become a frozen chicken. You have to see it to believe it! :o)
7. My husband didn't come with the instructions I wanted to use.
8. God has the best sense of humor!
9. Living in a trailer isn't half bad when you have the one you love with you.
10. Letting go of my ideals and letting God's will come first is so much easier..
11. My husband can be the funniest person in the world!!
12. Sheets don't have to fit the mattress to be used!
13. A small towel to dry off with is all one needs after a bath! Or so they think!
14. If I want God to change my husband, I have to be willing to change first.
15. God will give me dreams to change my course and alert me to things I can't see in the natural.
16. There is something to be said for intimacy that doesn't have anything to do with sex! Who knew!!! :o)
17. Laughing with my husband is a greater high than shopping.
18. I don't want to be the one that steals the Word from my husbands heart by trying to add my two cents worth to it.
19. Praying with my husband is the greatest and sweetest gift we can give each other!
20. Hominy grits should not go up your nose!
21. Silence truly can be golden!



theath said...

Congrats on 16yrs of marriage! So happy for ya'll and for what God has shown you over the years, thanks for allowing God to use you to teach the younger women. Love you!

SALT Ministry said...

Thank you Tiff!! Your teaching me as well... :o)

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