My emotions are everywhere!

28 days and counting. This is the amount of days I have to get ready for my first missions trip, ever! I'm nervous is an understatement. There are so many things going on in my mind.

Will I have enough money raised in time for the trip? I still have $1800 to go.

Will the pilots fall asleep during our 14 hour flight from Cali to Singapore?

Will our luggage make it with us?

What am I going to say to the ladies at the Women's Conference?

How am I going to react when I see the "Killing Fields" for the first time?

What have I got to say that can make a difference in their lives?

How do I talk to married women who's husbands have 5 wives at least?

What is God going to show me while I'm there?

What can I do to help the Doctors and Nurses during the medical part of our mission there? I'm not a Doctor or a Nurse.. though I can kiss and bandage booboos.

I've never had someone interpret for me. Can I slow down enough for her to understand me?

Can I love on these people and leave them so easily?

So many things are going through my mind. I do have faith that God is going to provide the rest of the money needed, not just for me but for the rest of our team.

If I sound overwhelmed it's because I am. I feel so out of my league on this. I have never gone over seas before to a country that is so impoverished the families live in cardboard and tin house. Where the income for the family is 50 cents a day and made mostly by their children. All of this is the norm for them.

My emotions are everywhere. Even so, I know my God is with me and His Will will be done in Cambodia.

Trusting in my Savior,

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