Are you overwhelmed by prayer request?

Hi ladies!! Today is a little different for me. I woke up with my spirit excited and ready to jump. This happens often to me but today was a little different.. God is talking to me about our prayer time and how important it is!!

We have so much going on and life can seem a little crazy as each day comes and goes. We are asked to pray for this person and that person.. Prayer Warriors always get many request a day.. Sometimes I forget to pray because of the things I have going on in my day!!

Add all the prayer request from others on top of the request I to want to bring to God and I can get overwhelmed... I tell my friends and strangers that I will pray for them and think to myself I will when I pray latter. In my case, sometimes "latter" doesn't come. I don't mean to forget but sometimes I do.. And sometimes I find myself telling God, Lord, If I have forgotten anyone I know you know who they are.... Oh my!! What a terrible way for me to pray.

A thought I'm sure you have all heard before... when someone asks you to pray for them, why not stop what your doing and pray at that moment. I have been doing this since the the Holy Spirit encouraged me to a few years ago.

If your feeling overwhelmed by all the request that come your way and can't seem to find the time to pray or forget to pray, this could be a great solution for you as well. Praying at that moment will allow your private time in prayer to be much easier.. Our Husbands and children need our covering each day!! I don't want you to miss what God has for you in your prayer time because of "to many things to pray for"..

One last thought... Where ever your "prayer closet" is and time you have set aside, make sure you show up.... God is already there waiting for you!!

All my love and prayers... yes prayers.. Lol..


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