I Think I Can.....

The work out Amanda and I is the P90. I bought it a few months ago and tried it but

I liked the workout but I didn't see results as fast as I should have... so I gave up.

This time around is a lot different.

My mind is set on the things of God and His will for me.

No longer on allowing my emotions to control my eating or happiness.

My identity in this area has been in food.

I now choose to find my identity in Christ...

Yay! I am on my way.

Amanda and are keeping each other accountable to our work out time.

My knee is doing ok. Instead of putting pressure on my knees doing the push-ups I use Bill's weight bench and bar. Yep, that bar weighs 45 pounds and I'm doing good to lift it without extra weight on it.

Bill also has be doing leg lifts with the weights to strengthen my the inside and out side of my knee. It seems to be working though I'm no where near wanting to do another jumping jack!

Thank you so much to those of you who have let me know your praying for me. I really appreciate it! :)

Change is on the horizon....

I think I can, I can I can....

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